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«Boutique Trading Company in the Heart of Zurich»

The company.

RPOS GROUP AG, based in the canton of Zurich, Switzerland, is a private boutique trading company. Originally known as ECOCAFE DACH AG and partner of ECOCAFE SA, it became RPOS GROUP AG through a SPIN-OFF in May 2021. Our focus is on outstanding coffee, tea and spice brands in the field of excellence, with the highest product quality as our standard. Thanks to our extensive experience, we support start-ups efficiently with the right team and bring ideas to the right address.

We adapt our wealth of experience to the ever-changing needs of our customers, identify exciting trends and brands, and offer tailor-made retail solutions in the private label sector. Our production takes place in Europe, with a focus on Switzerland.

As active investors, we generally seek controlling or substantial minority positions in companies. We believe that we can create added value through transformation or management expertise.

The founders are the driving force behind the company, driving the RPOS Group’s business forward with daily enthusiasm and a strong will.

Values & Visions.

Our values at RPOS GROUP AG are clearly defined:

We are the leading address for excellent coffee and tea.

The perfection of a tea or coffee is not created in a simple moment. Our aim is to offer our customers something special.

For us, sustainability means living a life that causes minimal damage to the earth.

The RPOS GROUP delivers outstanding products with consistently high quality and service.

International Experience and Expertise.

Our management and business partners bring with them extensive specialist knowledge, many years of market experience, proven management skills, top qualifications, and outstanding references. RPOS GROUP AG brings together internationally experienced experts in locations such as Zurich, Zug, Vaduz, Berlin, Munich, London, Singapore, Dubai and Vienna to pursue its brand objectives.



Zürich Jelmoli Supermarket


Zürich Paradeplatz / Stockerstrasse

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Part of our share capital is open to both private individuals and institutional investors. We are expanding our brand projects both in Switzerland and in major world cities and welcome new investors and their contacts. Please contact 


We value collaboration with selected excellence brands and are delighted when start-ups or established traditional brands contact us. Let’s work together.


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