The Company

A boutique trading company in the heart of Zurich

RPOS GROUP AG is a private boutique, a trading company located in the Canton of Zurich,  in Switzerland. Until May 2021 RPOS GROUP AG was ECOCAFE DACH AG and therefore a partner company of ECOCAFE SA. Through a SPIN-OFF of ECOCAFE DACH AG RPOS GROUP AG was born. We focus on the trade of coffee, tea and spices excellence brands. , i.e. Product quality is our highest beacon. Based on our experience we understand the challenges faced by startups. We Strive to bring efficiently the right ideas to the right people and organizations  using always the right team. We combine our accumulated experience with the ever-changing needs of our customers. We identify exciting trends and brands and offer customized retail solutions in the private label sector whilst operating our own boutiques. We produce in Europe – but focus mainly on the Swiss  market.

We are primarily active investors and seek controlling or substantial minority positions in companies where we believe we can add value through transformation or management expertise.

We believe in the power of synergy and in the combined will and experience of our founders, who drive RPOS Group’s business every day bounded by strong ethical commitments, joy and motivation.

Values & Visions

Our values at RPOS GROUP AG are simple:

  • We are the first address for coffee and tea
  • The perfect tea or coffee is not created in a simple moment. We want to offer something special for our customers.
  • Sustainability means for us to lead a life in which the human footprint is as harmless as possible.